The Host Laura Nash

Born In Rural Canada

Laura grew up on 50 acres in Southern Canada in a wood-heated home. She's been composting and recycling since she can remember.

X Pro Athlete

Laura spent 6 years whitewater kayaking around the world on The Nile, in Patagonia, Europe, Australia, South and Central America, and The Northwest Territories.  


A Prince's Operation Entrepreneur graduate, Laura runs a successful company and helps others find online solutions for their own businesses.  

Grad School Dropout

Laura completed her undergrad in humanities at the University of Victoria in 2008. She was earning a master's degree in communications when she decided to drop out after one year and pursue zero waste activism.

Naval Service

Laura served as an officer for almost 8 years in the Royal Canadian Navy and worked on human rights issues surrounding parents in peacetime. She trained to navigate warships and worked in Public Affairs.


Laura's son is growing up environmentally conscious with zero waste initiatives in mind. He takes litterless lunches to school and contributes to his almost-zero-waste household.