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Reporting from the amazon jungle

Touring a burn site, talking with a farmer who burns, and discovering that the Amazon River has a BIG problem: Plastic Pollution!

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What is Zero Waste?

The Host: Laura Nash

The Host: Laura Nash

Zero Waste is a concept that eliminates unnecessary waste from the regular consumer cycle to decrease our impact on the planet as a whole. A countdown to zero waste is a pledge to reduce waste in personal lives, organizations, communities, and even entire cities or nations. While reaching total zero may seem impossible, a countdown to zero waste is a manageable approach to living with less trash.


The Host: Laura Nash

The Host: Laura Nash

The Host: Laura Nash

The ocean is on a countdown to 2050, when scientists predict there will be more plastic than fish. Laura is on her own countdown: to get as close as possible to zero waste. Through research, interviews, and personal experiences, Laura is on a mission to produce less waste and leave a happier, healthier planet for future generations.      


Speaker Series

The Host: Laura Nash

Speaker Series

Are you interested in hosting a zero waste event and looking for a speaker? Laura is available for hosting workshops on zero waste lifestyles and on what a sustainable future looks like going forward. She has a wealth of knowledge from her own research, experience, and network of sustainability experts.  

Episode 47: Ocean Plastic & HP Inc.

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S01E48: Sustainable Brands Detroit '19

The ZWC travelled (sustainably!) to Detroit for the 2019 Sustainable Brands conference and Laura had the opportunity to sit down with Dimitar Vlahov, the Director of Knowledge & Insights for Sustainable Brands.


Jo Kaminska, Zero Waste

S01E20: Jo Kaminska Foundation

Meet Joanna Ruda: her company Jo Kaminska Ethical Jewelry has been funding the Jo Kaminska Foundation for years, which focuses on educating others about the dangers of single use plastic overconsumption.

Originally from Poland she’s spent many years living in Sri Lanka and she’s spoken to the UN multiple times regarding plastic pollution. But lately she’s been frustrated as the world keeps pumping out single use plastic with disregard for the consequences – and those consequences are adding up. 

Jo Kaminska


zero waste, Bea Johnson

E29: Bea Johnson On Tour

CNN calls her the mother of the zero waste lifestyle movement and The New York Times calls her the priestess of waste free living. Her book Zero Waste Home has been printed in over 20 different languages, she’s spoken in 55 different countries, and her family of four only produces one jar of trash per year.

Join the ZWC as we find out what Bea’s been up to since her book was published and learn a few zero waste tips on traveling and how to refuse items we simply don’t need.

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Host of The Zero Waste Countdown Laura Nash met up with revolutionary fashion designer Daniel Silverstein, better known as Zero Waste Daniel, at his design shop in Brooklyn.

Fast fashion is quickly causing our planet a lot of problems - it's using too much water, too much oil, too many petroleum-based dyes, dumping too much effluent into rivers, synthetic clothing causes trillions of microfibres to enter our aquatic systems, it's wrapped in too much plastic, and then the quality just isn't there so after a year or so of being worn, fast fashion is wrapped in plastic garbage bags and trucked away to landfill where it will sit for the next few centuries buried under our soil. How can we get away from this system?

Zero Waste Daniel is changing the way fashion looks and feels - his designs are inclusive, genderless, they come in all sizes, and they represent conscious forward thinking that's very much needed in today's world. Tune in as we learn all about off-cuts and how Daniel is removing millions of them from landfills and spreading a positive message around the world that fashion is about to change for the better.

Green Circle Salons

Episode 32: Green Circle Salons features founder and CEO Shane Price, as he explains how salons across America and Canada are diverting waste from landfills and waterways. 

Guests on the zero waste countdown

19. Plastics & Politics With Catherine McKenna

19. Plastics & Politics With Catherine McKenna

19. Plastics & Politics With Catherine McKenna


Catherine McKenna, the Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change, speaks about plastic pollution and her role in Ottawa. Laura discusses the cap and trade system. 

15. Environmental Defence With Tim Gray

19. Plastics & Politics With Catherine McKenna

19. Plastics & Politics With Catherine McKenna


How can we stop the outflow of single use plastics going to landfills and out into the environment? Bottle return programs have been shown to increase recovery rates by up to 90%. 

14. Julia Barnes

19. Plastics & Politics With Catherine McKenna

18. Restaurants & Tech


This award-winning filmmaker is showing the world what's happening to our oceans and all the life within it - and  it might just encourage you to stop eating seafood.

18. Restaurants & Tech

18. Restaurants & Tech

18. Restaurants & Tech


Josh Walters founded Feedback App in Toronto that allows restaurants to offsell their food in realtime to hungry customers and help out a food sharing charity. 

17. BPA In Our Diets

18. Restaurants & Tech

17. BPA In Our Diets


Scientist Lorna Harries talks about her study that found teenagers couldn't get BPA out of their bodies even when they tried, and what that means for our health.

Rob Greenfield

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