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Catherine McKenna Joins The c3 Ship

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What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is a concept that eliminates unnecessary waste from the regular consumer cycle to decrease our impact on the planet as a whole. A countdown to zero waste is a pledge to reduce waste in personal lives, organizations, communities, and even entire cities or nations. While zero waste living is difficult, a countdown is a manageable approach to get as close as possible.

The Host: Laura Nash

The ocean is on a countdown to 2050, when scientists predict there will be more plastic than fish. Laura is on her own countdown: to get as close as possible to zero waste within one year. Through research, interviews, and personal experience, Laura is on a mission to produce less waste and leave a happier, healthier planet for future generations.      

Countdown Importance

Not only are our oceans on a countdown to destruction, so too are our current waste management and landfill systems. Most of our drinking water is already contaminated with plastics. It's time we reverse this negative countdown to a positive one, where we can countdown to a safer, healthier, greener, and less wasteful planet. The countdown starts with each and every one of us. 


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Podcast Episodes

S01E01: What's Wrong With Plastic?

The convenience of single-use plastics, from water bottles, take-out utensils, and straws to food wraps and grocery store containers has taken over our way of life. Studies are beginning to warn us that plastics contain chemicals leaching into our food and drinks with potentially devastating consequences for our children's health as well as our planet's. 


S01E20: Jo Kaminska Foundation

Meet Joanna Ruda: her company Jo Kaminska Ethical Jewelry has been funding the Jo Kaminska Foundation for years, which focuses on educating others about the dangers of single use plastic overconsumption.

Originally from Poland she’s spent many years living in Sri Lanka and she’s spoken to the UN multiple times regarding plastic pollution. But lately she’s been frustrated as the world keeps pumping out single use plastic with disregard for the consequences – and those consequences are adding up. 

Tune in to episode 20 as Joanna tells us of her travels, the sights she’s seen in Sri Lanka, and how she’s put together an action plan to combat unnecessary plastic. 

Jo Kaminska


S01E03: Microplastics In Marine Life

Jay Brandes, professor and researcher of Chemical Oceanography at the University of Georgia's Department of Marine Sciences in Savannah, is currently conducting a study on microplastics in marine life off the coast of Georgia. He's already made a startling discovery! Should you still be eating seafood? We discuss microbeads and bag ban legislation with a scientist who has dedicated his life to studying the health of our oceans.

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Featured Episode

S01E19: Plastics & Politics with Catherine McKenna

Canada has entered the world stage when it comes to the environment and plastics reduction.

Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre and Minister of Environment & Climate Change Catherine McKenna knows what's up when it comes to reducing and recovering single use plastics - she's also a diver and a swimmer and has seen first hand that the oceans are filled with plastics. 

In June 2018 she attended the G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Quebec, where The Charlevoix Blueprint for Healthy Oceans, Seas, and Resilient Coastal Communities was created. 

Find out what Canada is doing on the world stage, who's leading our government to a healthier world, and what the Charlevoix Blueprint means going forward not only for Canada but for our world's oceans and our entire planet. 

The Charlavoix Blueprint

Catherine McKenna swims to celebrate the C3 Ship that sailed Canada from coast to coast to coast

CBC article about the shrimp industry

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